Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Let Not the Words Soothe Me

Found this treasure of a mesh top while out at my favorite club of Ambrosia. So much fun there, and the DJ's play some great music. Anyway, on to the fashion...As I was saying, I found this gem of a shirt while perving profiles. Noticing that he owned a store I decided to take a look. He might not have a huge selection yet, but the quality is there. It looks great, and the mesh is perfectly done with the alpha being on spot.

On to the details:

Skin: Snow Rabbit - Part of a Mesh ensemble. So beautifully done you need to take a look.
Hair: Elikatira - Figure (blond 3)
Shirt: Caster Inc - Hell on High Heels Tube Top
Skirt: Epic - Urban Sorcery Denim Maxi Skirt
Tattoo: Aitui - Aka Hyou


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