Friday, July 6, 2012

Sexy and She Knows It

Model: Sexyconvict Oh

I had the great pleasure of being able to speak with Sexyconvict today. She was amazingly sweet, and even agreed to let me blog her and her very sexy fashion today. And while I will give you all the details I have on this beautiful ensemble, please be aware that some items may look different then what i portray, however the general idea is still there. Sometimes I feel a little over artistic I suppose and just want to dabble. Well without further ado I give you the details.

Top: F'N'Hawt - Rip N Perv
Pants: F'N'Hawt - Sweat Pants
Hair: Emo-tions - Natalie
Tattoo: Tink - Love and tummy tattoo is Gamble
Shoes: Akatsuki -  Chuck xtreme
Necklace: Mandala - SINRA2  Necklace/samurai black
Bracelets: Mandala - LEATHER SINRA 


Stephanie Schotting said...

great web page sis!

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