Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pink is the Color of my Desire

Hair: DDX - Atlas (brown)
Skin: Heartsick - Love (Utopia)
Nails: Mandala - Nail Palette 2 Long
Outfit: Hot Stuff - Ellie (includes mesh dress, shoes, and earrings)

Wanted to show you all the awesome outfit available at Hot Stuff. It comes with dress, shoes and earrings. Also today I discovered an amazing hair store. It's got anything you could want for braids, dreads etc. It really helped complete the look I was going for today when I bought my new skin from Heartsick. If you have not been there yet I suggest going, they also have skins for the more feminine boys out there. **Yummers** Needless to say, make sure you visit all these locations. There is bound to be something for anyone.


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