Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Not Even Sugar Can Be This Sweet!

So I was having a bit of a bum day last few days, when my sister Jade gave me a present of lindens. I was telling her about this amazing mesh body that you can get from Esuga and how much I had fallen in love with it. Well, I advised her I planned to get it later as I was low on funds when she sent me her gift. I have not been able to leave it alone. Atm I am not wearing the mesh body, but it is just too cute! as for the head and skin, I can't begin to say how much I love it. The owner of Esuga has time and again, outdone herself. She also does custom dolls. And you absolutely need to see those, they are nothing short of amazing.

And if you ever have a problem she is quick to make sure everything gets sorted out. You can't ask for much better than this. For a price of only 1500L you get much more than you can imagine. 2 different mesh heads, 2 body shapes (one to use with just the head, one to use for the full mesh body) 3 different hand options including a master one that with a hud you can change left and right hands. 2 feet options, and to top it all off, two skin options. It's enough to make any girl dizzy. Be sure to take a look at everything she sells. From skins to mesh items to makeup and even some clothes. **please be advised due to my editing of photo, some things will look different however Esuga has demos you may try so be sure to try those before buying anything**

Skin: Esuga - Renatus tone 2.5
Mesh Head: Esuga -Renatus avatar (tone 2.5)
Hair: Heart Softens - Cong (Was a gift for group for having 6k members)
Shoes: MStyle - Goshi Pumps (Isabelline
Nails: Candy Nail - Clear Glitter French 3 color
Outfit: 1 Hundred - Breezy Dress (pink)


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