Thursday, July 5, 2012

High Profile

Model: Slik Scarbridge (Shake)

So I finally convinced my dad to pose for me and let me grab one of his many outfits. A little story behind when I first met him.. My mum took me to a clothes shop, and he was running around in his boxers. I of course hid behind her wondering why this guy was dang near naked. Next thing I know he is trying to protect me from some perv that was being downright rude to me and would not leave me alone. Thanks to Dad though (after some serious griefing to the moron who refused to leave me alone) I was perv free. Since that day he has had my back, and continues to be a solid rock of love and motivation to me. He and mum mean more to me then anything else I know. And I thank my lucky stars every day that I met him and mum. They never cease to amaze me or make me feel good or at home.

Now to the info about this delicious outfit.

Hair: MadDesigns - Akami (black)
Shape: Killa Skins - Khaos
Hat: Zhao - Top Hat
Top: Adam Edelstein Couture - !ACE! Adonis
Pants: Utopia - Black mustang pants
Shoes: Awori Cassini - Men's HalfShoe black


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