Monday, December 5, 2011

All I want for Christmas!

Is a nice crackling fire, some good food, and of course good fashion. One can't even try to ignore the simple beauty in this skin from Void owner False Imako. What better way to also show off one of my new favorite outfits from Beautiful Dirty Rich. You are sure to turn heads with these two amazing items. While normally I find whole outfits to not suit my desire to be as unique as possible, it was hard to ignore how absolutely sexy this was. Sure to be one of my many favorite looks for awhile, that is for sure!

Skin - Void - Dust - Princessa / Natural
Outfit/Boots - Beautiful Dirty Rich - Smexy Winter / Black
Nails - Candy nail - Clear Glitter French
Hair - Maitreya - Dylan / Almond
Eyes - Skittles - Blue Gold


False Imako said...

Just beautiful, darling. Just beautiful :>

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