Friday, December 16, 2011

If only the snow could be as kind

As you are to me when you hold me in your arms.

I decided today that only one of my pictures would get any editing done to it. And that was the first one because I just wanted something a little different then the rest. I was given the opportunity to blog these gorgeous mesh boots that you see here today from the owner of Fierce Designs, Sally Soleil. Not only did they complete my outfit like a dream, but they fit me like a glove. I just had to show them off. Below you will get a list of the complete outfit.

Skin - Mojo - Sweety Cloud / Group Gift
Outfit - Epic - Older Group gift (Independence Jumper Red)
Shoes - Fierce Designs - Want me Santa
Nails - Mandala - Nail Pallet 2 / Long
Hair - Emo-tions - Stormy / Snow
Hair accessory - Viita - Reindeer Antler

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Baby it's cold outside

Come in and keep my warm.

Was out traveling today testing my new video card when I remembered ... OMG I has shadows now. Wow, I have been missing soooo much. And boy am I happy to be able to do them. Surprisingly I still got some great FPS. I know I will have a lot to learn as I fine tune how I want things to look. But this has just made my day.

Skin - Al Vulo - Miha / Peach
Shoes - N-Core -Sense / Extreme Heel
Outfit - Toxic Kitty - Military High waisted Skirt and Jacket (requires separate purchases)
Hair - - Tatum / Browns

Monday, December 12, 2011

Tempt not my heart

Had to show off this beautiful skin from Glam Affair. It was absolutely amazing. Called Snow White and also happens to be the new group gift skin. The outfit you see is from VoguE and is called Angeni. Nothing too special done to the pictures. I did less on this picture than normal due to my computer still is not quite up to snuff like it used to be. However!! Hurray!!!! my new graphics card and power supply are going to show up tomorrow. Very excited to be back to doing what I love most.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

I wish you could see

Just how beautiful I see you.

These beautiful shots were taken by Morgana Vervain, from the Zigana sim. That entire sim is absolutely gorgeous, and well worth going to if you want some great pictures or to purchase some of the amazing items there. There was no photo processing of any of these pictures. I left them this way because I felt that they expressed what I was seeing/ thinking.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My heart can't hear you in the cold

When I got these new earrings from Secret Oktober, I began to wonder how could I show them off. I went from outfit to outfit until I found this gorgeous and seductive one from Wishbox. And no sooner had I put it on, then the rest of the ensemble just began to dress itself. This hair from Wasabi Pills has come to be one of my absolute favorites. It has an old yet very modern and artistic feel. I literally felt like a princess once I found everything that I wanted to wear. These earrings are a must to get if you want something unique and fun. They really do fit with almost any outfit, and you are sure to get questions on where they can be gotten. Happy Fashion hunting everyone.

Also I just realized that some parts to my outfit did not fully rez. (Punts SL, oh well. Such is the life of fashion in SL)

Shape - Killa Skins - Blair
Earrings - Secret Oktober - Cold as Ice
Outfit - Wishbox - Cassiopeia cream
Hair - Wasabi Pills - Reptilia / Wild Honey
Skin - Glam Affair - Layla / Light
Lashes - Catwa - 3D NoAlpha Lashes #2

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mirror Mirror on the wall

Who has the best clothes of them all. So I went to the Christmas fair, and wow did I come out with so many cute outfits and items. Everything your going to see below, minus the hair, was found at the Christmas Fair as a free gift. I'm running fairly late atm, so I'm only going to be able to show a picture. However I will come back later to update with info to where each item is from. Happy shopping everyone!

Monday, December 5, 2011

All I want for Christmas!

Is a nice crackling fire, some good food, and of course good fashion. One can't even try to ignore the simple beauty in this skin from Void owner False Imako. What better way to also show off one of my new favorite outfits from Beautiful Dirty Rich. You are sure to turn heads with these two amazing items. While normally I find whole outfits to not suit my desire to be as unique as possible, it was hard to ignore how absolutely sexy this was. Sure to be one of my many favorite looks for awhile, that is for sure!

Skin - Void - Dust - Princessa / Natural
Outfit/Boots - Beautiful Dirty Rich - Smexy Winter / Black
Nails - Candy nail - Clear Glitter French
Hair - Maitreya - Dylan / Almond
Eyes - Skittles - Blue Gold

Coat of Many colors means one hot mamma

Finally back from the void that is broken computers, and just in time to. Static Clothing owner Branwen Firanelli-Schmooz gave these gorgeous shirts out as a preview. What a tasty little treat, and just in time for the holidays. Why shorts you might wonder, well being as I still wish it were warmer outside, they gave me a little comfort that while winter is beautiful if not cold, spring would be just around the corner. Be sure to go and snatch up these beautiful and colorful tidbits and dazzle those around you.

Shirt - Static Clothing Co. - Serena Bubblegum / Serena Violet / Serena Aqua
Shorts - Connors - Tunic Country Pink
Shoes - Nardcotix - Mana Breezie / Spring Beige
Hair - Catwa - Jawa / V3 / Mocha
Skin - Al Vulo - Vero black teeth / Peach
Nails - Candy Nail - Clear Glitter French
Earrings - Indrya Originals - Suha Stones / Honeysuckle
Bracelets - Manna - Gouache bracelet blue

I'm only happy when it snows

Here comes a beautiful ensemble from Beautiful Dirty Rich. What you see is what you get with this outfit. The hair is from Maitreya and skin from Al Vulo. So instead of being cold this winter, be sure to stop by and grab one of these beautiful outfits that come in White, Beige or Pink.

Outfit - Beautiful Dirty Rich - Waiting 4 U / White
Skin - Al Vulo - Vero / Black Teeth Peach
Hair - Maitreya - Dylan - Almond
Nails - Candy Nail - Clear Glitter French

Now comes another cute outfit from Beautiful Dirty Rich. This outfit is sure to turn heads when you go strolling in with it. Pink and sexy are two of my favorite words. And they make a killer combination when putting them together. Merry Christmas everyone!

Outfit - Beautiful Dirty Rich - Winter Dream / Pink
Nails - Candy Nail - Clear Glitter French
Skin - Al Vulo - Vero / Black teeth Peach
Hair - Catwa - Jawa / V3 / Mocha