Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Take a little piece of my heart.

A double treat comes to you tonight from Siss Boom. I was trying to wrack my brains wanting to figure out how to show off one of the new skin lines from Killa Skins. When out of the blue and into my inventory came two gorgeous dresses to preview. I bring you these gorgeous treasures below. Enjoy and be sure to look below for where everything is from.

Look #2

Dress 1 - Siss Boom - Dinner at 8 (includes gloves,skirt, and everything you see minus shoes)
Hair - Donna Flora - Rosina bun / Blond
Skin - Killa Skins - Era 1930's Starlet
Shoes - Mstyle - Goshi Pumps / Rosso
Eyes - Skittles - Blue Gold Fleck (Store not quite available yet)

Dress 2 - Siss Boom - Sugared plum
Hair - Heart Softens - Rudy / Nuts
Skin - Al Vulo - Group gift - Matilde / Bitter chocolate
Eyes - Skittles - Blue Gold Fleck (Store not available yet)

Play your tune to my heart.

While I may not be able to make pictures like I used to. Not much would need to be done to showcase this beautiful skin you receive from Mojo or the shape from H&E. I have fallen in LOVE with this look and the hair from Emo-tions made it perfect! Sitting next to a piano as music of Christmas fills the air... *smiles happily* You can't get much better than this.

Skin - Mojo (Group gift - Sweety Cloud)
Outfit - VioMagic - Summer Field Fantasy
Shoes - VioMagic - Skathi
Hair - Emo-tions - Nalani (Dark Brown)
Shape - H & E - Calisto shape with eyebrows preview **This landmark is good for their new place after Dec 1st.**
Nails - Mandala - Nail Palette 2/Long

Monday, November 28, 2011

And troubles continue

Sadly, my computer decided it just could not handle everything anymore. I have had to put it to eternal slumber. (Not to mention punt it a few million times) What does this mean? Pictures will be much slower then they once were due to I must borrow the husbands computer. Also most of the special effects or things I use will be null and void until I can get myself another computer. But I will do my best to get more pictures as blogging is my favorite thing to do, and let me tell you, not being able to do it like I used to is a killer!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Oh Noes!!!

I just get back home and what happens? My computer goes haywire and I have to re-install back to factory. What does that mean? I lost all my pictures, my art program, everything. However, good news is I got my art program back and up and running. But less great news is I'm having to use the normal SL viewer which is not something I'm used to. So as soon as I can I will get more pictures up. Wish me luck!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Vacations are fun, previews await when home!

A double post tonight. These gorgeous skins are from Art Body Store. They are a preview of what you can get. As you can see, there are multiple make-up options for both the Pale version,  and the Tan version. Each comes with 6 different make-ups that are available. They really outdid themselves on this one. Beautiful freckles dot this delicate skin, and it was a great joy to take pictures.


Can you believe it. Gone for 2 weeks. I almost couldn't stand it myself! I'm back and with a round of goodies for you to gander. The three dresses you see before you are only a sneak of all the great colors you can find from Koketka. Same goes with these amazing boots. The hair of course came from LoQ and was a former group gift. However this skin is from Art Body Store and is just a preview of some of the amazing line-up I will be adding soon to give you and idea of all the gorgeousness. Until then, take a look below for what was worn.

Hair - LoQ - Tiramisu (Dark Brown) previous group gift
Skin - Art Body Store - Preview of Amy (Pale1)
Shoes - Koketka - Frenzy Boots(Grey, Black/green, and Black/yellow)
Dresses - Koketka - Lena Dresses(Blue, Brown, Bordo)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

A little sunshine goes a long ways

This may be my last blog for a couple weeks AHHHHH! So I just HAD to show you all the cute look I found. Natasha Resident was the model for this beautiful little get together. While the bag may not completely go with the color scheme, it was just too cute. It's a free pose you can get from D!va as well as the hair. The outfit is from YumYum as well as the glasses. Skin from Esuga and shoes were a freebie from the marketplace from Abebe.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A moment among the moon

And just because I love the moon and night time. A little picture I was able to take above the soon to be Killa Skin's outlet and Skittles store. Want to know what was worn or used, just send me a tell in game or post here and I'll be happy to let you know.

The new Bombshell

Ⓐ new skin from a set of vintage inspired skins comes to you from Killa Skins owner Alegra Taurus. This is a beautiful and stunning chance to get your hands on some out of this world epicness. I had the pleasure of getting a preview of her new 1940's Bombshell skin that will be out soon. And bombshell is definitely the word to use when talking about this gorgeous set. I absolutely love it. So far there are 3 distinct and amazing skins available soon. 1940's Bombshell, 1930's Starlet, and 1920's era skin: Peach Heart.

Skin - Killa Skins - 1940's Bombshell
Shirt - The Gatsby Girl - Moira Rocket
Pants - The Gatsby Girl - Nadine Charcoal
Nails - Mandala - Nail Palette 2 / Long/Female
Hair - Donna Flora - Moana / Black