Saturday, October 22, 2011

Just Dance!

You ever have one of those days that your out and about, and you run into people that you think have great fashion? I was lucky enough to run into Ⓐmira Ⓥaleska. She was gorgeous, petite, and ready to dance and enjoy GoL, which is where I found her. She was sweet enough to allow me to take a picture of her and dress her up a bit so to speak. If you see her, be sure to tell her how fab she looks. Below you will find a scrumptious little tidbit to her look.

Model: Amira Valeska

Hair - [Anaphora] - Ana_Naturals
Lashes - Damned - Eyelashes
Tongue - [EY:NO] - Tongue - scarf orange
Nails - [EY:NO] Black Diamond Nails
Cardigan - Berries Inc. snowflake cardigan brown
Skirt - Grixdale - Lazy Sunday Jeans - Teal (dark)
Boots - Berries Inc. - Linda boots sand


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