Friday, October 21, 2011

Tis the Season for a Hunt

Ⓣhis had to of been one of the funnest, if not sometimes the most hair pulling, hunt I was on. There were a few stores (which I won't point out names) that must of had easily over 100 pumpkins out for you to go through each and every one just to find the hunt item. While I will say I think that is a great way to keep people from finding the item too fast. It can also turn them away from even wanting to find it. I almost gave up on a couple stores but I knew the item was bound to be awesome so I persevered.

Ⓘ loved each and every single hunt item I got from this hunt. And I can not honestly say I have ever been through one where I have kept every single item. Normally I keep maybe 1/2 to a handful of the items I find because they suit what I personally enjoy. But I will be keeping every single one because they were just that amazing. Some of them were quite beautiful, and others are just plain fun as for instance the glitterati poses you can see below. I hope everyone can go on this hunt before time is up. It is well worth it and very enjoyable to get all the goodies once your done. (word of warning though, it is mostly geared toward girls) However there were some great items that men/women can both use WOOHOOO!

Skin - Mynerva - Caramel ~ Mellow Yellow/Black eyebrows
Shoes - Intrigue Co. - Seasons Hunt Autumn Toe Socks
Outfit - Addict - Lucille Sweater Dress/Moss (seasons hunt)
Tattoo - Cheap Makeup - An Indie Summer Seasons Hunt
Hair - Milk Motion - Leila (Seasons hunt)
Tights - The Secret Store - Purple Wool Tights
Earings - PiDiddle - Oh So Gawdy (Seasons Hunt)
Eyes - Eleanor Rigby - Aztec (seasons hunt item)
Props - Glitterati - Seasons Fall (Seasons hunt item)
Mouth item - A.D.D Andel - Tea Bag of Happy Hearts


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