Monday, October 10, 2011

A Special Sneak Peak

I'm back, only this time I have a special sneak peak for you all. They have a beautiful skin coming soon to VoiD, and just in time for a Halloween event.

This new skin line will come in 12 different shades for your pleasure. From dark and mysterious Drowish grey to Pale Baby Doll Ivory. (My way of describing these luscious skins or course and are not the actual skin names for them) Be sure to Drop by VoiD and take a look. Also as a excellent side note, there is a MASSIVE sale going on right now from skins to makeup, to even clothes. Go and take a look and be sure to buy them now. After the sale is done they will be only available on marketplace and at full price.

Skin - VoiD - Edge -- Warpaint -- (Not yet out)
Outfit - Peqe - Poppy/Nebula
Neck Piece - Rozoregalia - Bouhachi
Hair - Plume and Body morph - Parisienne Onyx/Snow
Shoes - M-Style - Goshi Pumps Navy
Piercing - Ni.Ju - Chain Chomp White
Tattoo - Damed Bodyshop - Tribal Makeup [Also available on SL Exchange]
Nails - Candy Nail - Mannish Purple


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