Friday, October 28, 2011

Somebody Shoot me!

Wow! So I have decided to go and try my hand at using Kierten's Viewer and hope that I could get some shadows going, perhaps make some of my pictures look a little better. OMG! Someone could just shoot me now and end my misery. Not only did my computer think I was running through molasses, but just getting the right sun/settings was a lot harder then it looked. Many, many kudos to those out there, who have already mastered the whole shadow/looks prospect. Me... I think I will stick to what I know and can do fairly well. My own form of art. While not as pretty or eye popping as some, I believe it defines me and I'm perfectly happy with that. Besides, it gives me something to do and drool over when I'm not creating pictures myself.

Hair - D!va - Naomi (20000 group gift)
Skin - Al Vulo - Miha / Black
Pants - Fishy Strawberry - High waist Pants Tobacco (TDR store location)
Shoes - Kookie - Nyox/Noir
Glasses - Epic - Kyoot Nerdy glasses
Shirt - Coco - Turtleneck sweater (group gift)
Sweater coat - SMS - Knit Cozy Sweater / Cherry (TDR store location)
Eyes - Killa Skins - Killa Eyes / Horizon Sea


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