Sunday, October 9, 2011

All for the right price

Decided to talk to a few more friends, and low and behold one of my newer friends began talking with me about where they got some of their things. They were able to advise me that there are some great packages out there that will give someone a whole new look. Shape, Body and hair are included in this sweet little pkg and all for around 2500L. I don't know about most of you men out there, but usually a skin alone for a guy is up into 1500 - 1800 lindens, count that off with 900+ usually for a shape, and then add another 250 - 400L for hair. Whew! that can get pretty pricey. But here I give you Wrath, details below will show where you to can get great deals for a whole pkg wrapped up nice and neat.

Skin/Shape/Hair - MADesign (Pkg all together with many different ones to choose from)
Shirt - Cadeling Gallery [BND] shop (Great low price of only 5 L and it looks good)
Pants/Belt - Mortality - Rockstar
Ears - Hebenon Vial


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