Monday, October 31, 2011

A new look for a great month

I love Halloween. The cool breeze of Autumn, the crisp air that starts to swirl around. And of course that first frost. And what better way to celebrate then with a brand new look. Normally I could go on and on about how great this month has been. But instead of boring you with facts, i'll simply show you a small picture here of a little something I put together. Enjoy and have a great Halloween everyone!

Skin - AMD Giselle - Halloween Queen *mini store hunt 15L per item and quite a few items but only until end of Halloween*
Coat - Trap - spiked coat black
Pants - Trap - spiked pants black
Eyes - Esuga - Tidepool eyes: Fern
Piercing - Ni.Ju - Bitten Piercing
Bra - Hoot - Confetti Bra
Tattoo - AMD (Spiderella Make up) *mini store hunt 15L per item and quite a few items but only until end of Halloween*
Hair - Emo-tions - Stormy / Snow
Lashes - Edge of Sanity - Spider Lashes - **Now known as VoiD**
Accessories - Scribble - Nevermore Winglets (only availabe from marketplace now)

Friday, October 28, 2011

It's Spooky TIME!

รpooky ץou is still going strong. But you might want to hurry on in. November 3rd, this amazing event will be over, and so will all the awesome 1-10L items that you can get. There are many, MANY stores here that have absolutely amazing items. So many that I can't even name them all. Plus there is always the chance of meeting and talking with the wonderful creators of these stores. Also if you see False Imako (Owner of VoiD) Be sure to let her know how awesome the place looks. She built the entire location on her own and within less than a week.

Somebody Shoot me!

Wow! So I have decided to go and try my hand at using Kierten's Viewer and hope that I could get some shadows going, perhaps make some of my pictures look a little better. OMG! Someone could just shoot me now and end my misery. Not only did my computer think I was running through molasses, but just getting the right sun/settings was a lot harder then it looked. Many, many kudos to those out there, who have already mastered the whole shadow/looks prospect. Me... I think I will stick to what I know and can do fairly well. My own form of art. While not as pretty or eye popping as some, I believe it defines me and I'm perfectly happy with that. Besides, it gives me something to do and drool over when I'm not creating pictures myself.

Hair - D!va - Naomi (20000 group gift)
Skin - Al Vulo - Miha / Black
Pants - Fishy Strawberry - High waist Pants Tobacco (TDR store location)
Shoes - Kookie - Nyox/Noir
Glasses - Epic - Kyoot Nerdy glasses
Shirt - Coco - Turtleneck sweater (group gift)
Sweater coat - SMS - Knit Cozy Sweater / Cherry (TDR store location)
Eyes - Killa Skins - Killa Eyes / Horizon Sea

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

A little early for snow, perhaps. But I just had to have some snow. And what better way to celebrate first snow (sl style) then to have a picture of a new outfit. This was a fun if not challenging outfit to put together. Completely enjoyable, a little high fashion, and snakes. While I may not be the biggest snake fan out there, The hair that came from Wasobi was absolutely perfect for the look I was going for.

Hair - Wasabi Pills - Reptilia Hair / black coffee
Skin - Glam Affair - Layla Light
Nails - Diram - Claw nails
Jacket - LeeZu! - Margo jacket / night
Pants - LeeZu! - Glitter pants / Black
Shoes - N1CO - Snake Doll Boots
Lashes - [sauce] body shop - Back to basics
Earrings - Rozoregalia - Gemma (hunt 9 item)
Neck Piece - Rozoregalia - Bouhachi
Eyes - Killa Skins - Killa Eyes /Horizon Sea

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

And so begins another day

I was able to view a very cute outfit from Morgana Vervain. She was just walking about in this enchanted little forest, and I knew I just had to get a picture of her. I love the colors, and while the scenery was nice, and quite enchantingly lovely. This little minx stood out from it all.

Model: Morgana Vervain

skin - Al Vulo - merry widow (group gift)
shoes - Mary Jane Shoes - rebellious wedge in purple
pants- Connors - buckle back jeans Deep purple
shirt - Connors - cut work blouse in wine
hair - magika - sandy in dirty blonde
earings - Rozoregalia - gemma
eyes - Killa Skins - witching hour

Saturday, October 22, 2011

If your sexy and you know it!

Yes, it's me again, this will be the third and last little fashion blast I found from GoL. Below is Iantonio Vyper. Owner and creator of ◥ VyC ◣ . Fashion savy.. yes.. Sexy.. definitely! He is wearing his new skin Logan however this one has special abs that is set to come out later. He was funny and quite charming to talk with. I thoroughly encourage any guy to go to his store and take a look at his skins, they are superb and all together yummy!

Fashion is Passion

Ⓨou all know what I'm talking about. Where fashion is passion and a girl knows just how to get things done. Today is definitely a boost to my passion. Art and beauty all wrapped up in one nice little package. And with that I introduce you to Chantellecassey Resident. Another sweety I ran into while at GoL . I have to say, that place is a fashion smorgusboard for anyone who wants to take a gander. Don't forget to give Chantelle a big hello if you see her, and I personally would not follow what her tattoo says, she might just show you her non sweet side. *grins*

hair - [lelutka] - mourray hair
skin - al vulo - vero pink
top - sticky fingers - my naughty black t-shirt
earings- [glow] studio - fatale earrings
nails - Mstyle
gloves - glue ink - Ree
jeans:: t whore sweet skinny jeans blue
cuffs bangals - osakki - hamur metalcuffs pweter
knickers - sticky fingers - my naughty panties
shoes - Angelic lefevre couture
tatoo -[dk] - wanna lick it

Just Dance!

You ever have one of those days that your out and about, and you run into people that you think have great fashion? I was lucky enough to run into Ⓐmira Ⓥaleska. She was gorgeous, petite, and ready to dance and enjoy GoL, which is where I found her. She was sweet enough to allow me to take a picture of her and dress her up a bit so to speak. If you see her, be sure to tell her how fab she looks. Below you will find a scrumptious little tidbit to her look.

Model: Amira Valeska

Hair - [Anaphora] - Ana_Naturals
Lashes - Damned - Eyelashes
Tongue - [EY:NO] - Tongue - scarf orange
Nails - [EY:NO] Black Diamond Nails
Cardigan - Berries Inc. snowflake cardigan brown
Skirt - Grixdale - Lazy Sunday Jeans - Teal (dark)
Boots - Berries Inc. - Linda boots sand

Friday, October 21, 2011

Tis the Season for a Hunt

Ⓣhis had to of been one of the funnest, if not sometimes the most hair pulling, hunt I was on. There were a few stores (which I won't point out names) that must of had easily over 100 pumpkins out for you to go through each and every one just to find the hunt item. While I will say I think that is a great way to keep people from finding the item too fast. It can also turn them away from even wanting to find it. I almost gave up on a couple stores but I knew the item was bound to be awesome so I persevered.

Ⓘ loved each and every single hunt item I got from this hunt. And I can not honestly say I have ever been through one where I have kept every single item. Normally I keep maybe 1/2 to a handful of the items I find because they suit what I personally enjoy. But I will be keeping every single one because they were just that amazing. Some of them were quite beautiful, and others are just plain fun as for instance the glitterati poses you can see below. I hope everyone can go on this hunt before time is up. It is well worth it and very enjoyable to get all the goodies once your done. (word of warning though, it is mostly geared toward girls) However there were some great items that men/women can both use WOOHOOO!

Skin - Mynerva - Caramel ~ Mellow Yellow/Black eyebrows
Shoes - Intrigue Co. - Seasons Hunt Autumn Toe Socks
Outfit - Addict - Lucille Sweater Dress/Moss (seasons hunt)
Tattoo - Cheap Makeup - An Indie Summer Seasons Hunt
Hair - Milk Motion - Leila (Seasons hunt)
Tights - The Secret Store - Purple Wool Tights
Earings - PiDiddle - Oh So Gawdy (Seasons Hunt)
Eyes - Eleanor Rigby - Aztec (seasons hunt item)
Props - Glitterati - Seasons Fall (Seasons hunt item)
Mouth item - A.D.D Andel - Tea Bag of Happy Hearts

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fashion Boi

Time for some boy fashion eh? Here is a sweet peek at youthful yet fun, and just a little grungy. This look is pretty popular all across the grid. Well, this is one of the many looks that are popular these days. It's between young boy and man. Yet it is just a tad more than teenager. Still, I was very happy to be able to take a few pictures and present them to you all today. Listed below you will find links to the various items worn below.

Model: Sunder Popstar (no relation)

Skin - The Body Co.- Blaze (06 Tan) black
Hair -  Hype - Axel // Dark Pack
Jacket - *ARAI* - Nylon parka_black
Shirt - ::Maschienenwerk:: - Robot_T
Pants - [NV] - CRASH BAGGY -Black-
Shoes - ::Duh!:: - Men's Sneaker Boots - Black Out (using alphas from different shoes)
Piercings - RAD - LoopDLoop
Ears -  Glue Ink plugs
Eyes - Repulse - Noxious v2 eyes
Glasses -  ::Solar Eyewear:: - Sunglasses :: RASTABAN

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It's cold out there

After walking around at night *mind you I was always looking over my shoulder making sure I wasn't being followed* I decided that it was high time to do another blog. This time I hit up Killa Skins owner Alegra Taurus. She has been busy, busy, busy this time of year doing hunts, events, fashion shows, and even special halloween skins for those of us out there who enjoy this time of year. *coughs* So without further waiting I show you the Raven skin that I have fallen in love with.

Skin - Killa Skins - Raven_Night Cat
Clothes/shoes - FA Creations - Polka dots knitted winter outfit
Piercings - [-iPoke-] - Element
Lashes - Cake - Separated Lashes
Hair- Exile - Jane (free gift)
Jewelry - (Red) Mint - Rings (gift and available for free on market place for now)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Muse has it!

The Muse/Harlequin make-up from False Imako of VoiD . I just had to show it off because this is the next best thing next to Rootbeer floats from A&W. 

And now for a special added bonus, below your going to the see the hard work that False Imako has done. You will see a before picture and then an after picture of her work. And you can enjoy
in the awsomness with me.

Photo by False Imako

Photo by False Imako

Photo by False Imako

Skin - Al Vulo - Vero Black Peach
Tattoo - VoiD - Mime'd: pretty in pink
Eyes - VoiD - Mute II (dialated) pink
Outfit - Deviance - Playboy Bunny - Gift
Hair - Nushru - Wayward heart [ 2010 hairfair goodies box] please be aware the link is correct but you will still drop down to the main sim which is empty. copy and paste this link into your chat and tp. If  that still does not work, fly 800m up.
Nails - Candy Nail - Clear Glitter French
Shoes - Mstyle - Goshi Pumps - Isabelline

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Timeless Beauty

While talking with a few designers at Spooky You. I had the pleasure to talk with Mag Cristole, owner of Timeless Jewels . She was sweet and funny and a great pleasure to speak with. I absolutely loved the little outfit she had on, but above that she was kind enough to allow me to preview a few of her goodies. The design is simple yet elegant, and doesn't make you feel cluttered. Yet it adds just enough to an outfit that it gives people something to ask where you got it.

Skin - Al Vulo - Vero Black peach
Clothes - Vogue Fashion - Angeni [black/white]
Jewelry: Necklace/eyebrow/lip - Timeless Jewels - Salem's Secret
Jewelry Earings - Rozoregalia - Gemma [hunting 9 special gift]
Hair - Lelutka - Rykiel hair Jessica
Eyes - [XYR] Veronica Lavender Eyes - available from Marketplace

Friday, October 14, 2011

Green with Envy

Hello again everyone. Tonight is a double treat for me as well as you. I have two ... count that once again.. TWO special items up for show and tell. One is a preview of some beautiful stockings that are sure to go with almost any outfit combo you can think of.. I was wracking my brains trying to think of just one outfit. I kept changing and changing and changing and... well you get the idea. I just could not make up my mind I had so many combinations. These beautiful stockings are from Children of Ares. Next up is the gorgeous VoiD skin preview. Edge - Maiden snow. Enjoy!!!

Skin - Void - Edge Maiden Snow
Hair - LoQ - Tiramisu (subscriber gift) - unsure if still available
Nails - Mandala - Milkyway ring/nails gaga black
Shoes - Kookie - Nyox/Noir
Stockings - Chilren of Ares - Stitched green thigh high stockings
Jacket - D@fnis Fashion - Cliantha box
Breasts - Lolas - Push ups
Neck Piece - Rozoregalia - Bouhachi neck ornament
Earrings - Rozoregalia - Hunting 9 special gift
Skirt - Insanya - Not your hun skirt

Thursday, October 13, 2011

A lovely Dreamscape

Once again, I have been privy to some beautiful things in SL. Only this time It was to amazing artwork and beautiful Halloween themed furniture from Dreamscapes Art Gallery owner: Carlotta Ceawlin. Below you will get to see a sneak peak of what will be available as the special gift for the Spooky You event that you can buy. As well as some other beautiful pieces that she has has made. And so before I start an entire new paragraph of just how lovely these items are, let me present them to you.

This is the Dreamscape Witchy Set (special item for 10L)

And Below are just additional items that she has created and was kind enough to let me preview for you all.
Witchy Graveyard

Witch Bench

Witch Chair

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A tempting Corset

I had the pleasure of being able to sample this Halloween themed yet elegant corset from Philo. It fits beautifully on any avi shape. Although if you are smaller I would suggest a few minor adjustments. But other than that, it was perfect for me. Enjoy this gorgeous preview of what you will be able to get at this upcomming Spooky You: Halloween Event this 15th.

Skin - Illusory - Paige / Bite me (gotten from Collabor88) however i provided a link to their main store
Corset - Philo - Vivian Corset Alvira
Piercing - [Ni.Ju] - Bitten Piercing

The Stores of Spooky You

Listed Below you will see the stores that will be available at Spooky You: A halloween event. Starting the 15th of October 12:01am and lasting until the 3rd of November. So enjoy the sights, each store will come with 1 or more special halloween item worth 1 - 10L only. Are you ready for this?